OneWorld Communications is the advertising
agency that markets truth – to excite, delight,
and touch people.

“Truth is when we align a product benefit to people’s emotions, aspirations, and culture. Truth is engaging people in that positive experience. Truth is when your story tells – their story.

“We call it Truth Marketing™. It’s multicultural and global. We use a strategic process, creative advertising, and all kinds of media. To promote your business or organization, contact us today.”

See how we market Truth

Jonathan Villet
President and Founder

"Creativity is not only in campaigns but also in the people who see them. Realizing that – can lead to some big magic."
Jonathan is the key communicator, problem-solver, and strategist for many projects. He has led our team to create advertising campaigns and outreach for the California Public Utilities Commission, SMA Solar, SFO, California Coastal Commission, Saybrook University, USDA, and many others. He guides marketing research, account planning, creative, and public relations. Jonathan, who once created communications projects for the United Nations in Africa, spearheads cross-cultural and social marketing projects. He created our strategic process of Align, Create, Engage – ACE®. Jonathan holds an MBA from UC Berkeley.

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Jonathan Villet OneWorld President and Founder
OneWorld marketing agency map_1 Rome, Italy – While developing projects for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Jonathan lived in Rome for six years, traveling to points in Africa and Bangladesh for media production and project development. Nairobi, Kenya – For four years in Nairobi, Jonathan served as a communication campaign manager for the Organization of African Unity, innovating reverse messaging from villages to national experts to communicate the best ways to eradicate rinderpest. Harare, Zimbabwe – Jonathan led an international team in the Southern African Development Community to train national teams in communications to accelerate people’s participation in rural development. Ten participating countries included Sudan, Namibia, Zambia, Mozambique, and others. He also advised the South African government. OneWorld agency booklet Ankara and Van, Turkey –  As part of a rapid response UN team, Jonathan provided communication strategy to help stop the spread of a deadly disease across Turkey into Europe. Bangladesh – Jonathan spent five months here creating media to promote growing fuel wood and raising poultry by rural people in this highly populated country. Mexico City – Jonathan recently collaborated here with the heads of affiliated advertising agencies from 15 countries in our Tribe Global network to provide marketing for international clients.

Fiona McDougall
Director of Creative Services

Besides guiding communications strategy, Fiona oversees creative and production for all video, audio, photographic, and online projects. She produced OneWorld’s award-winning videos for USDA APHIS, California Public Utilities Commission, Veterans Affairs, and the Palo Alto Clean Bay campaign. A native of Australia, Fiona spent 20 years as an international photojournalist and was nominated for a Pulitzer by The New York Times for her coverage of Somalia. Her work has been exhibited in Australia, New York, San Francisco, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. She holds a BA in TV and Radio from San Francisco State University, and has completed several extension programs in Editing, Design, Layout, and Graphics.

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Fiona McDougall Account Planner and Director Creative Production
OneWorld marketing agency map_2 Rome – taking a leave of absence from The Age, an Australian newspaper, Fiona went to Rome to pursue color photography and magazine work. Armed with a few phrases, her folio, and a passion for all things Italian, she stayed for six years. <i>It was a very special time, being immersed in a Latin culture so rich and full of history.</i> Kenya – Fiona worked in Kenya for five years as a freelance photographer for UN Agencies, and for The New York Times. She especially enjoyed her many visits to Lamu, an Islamic island off the coast with winding lanes, donkeys, and frangipani trees. <i>In open classrooms, children sit on the dirt floors as the warm breeze drifts in and out. Time stands still.</i> Tanzania – on assignment for the International Labor Organization (ILO), Fiona found herself in a remote village in southern Tanzania for two weeks. <i>At night it was pitch black. Staying close to my kerosene lamp with the wind howling outside, I listened to the BBC World Service on my short wave radio.</i> Born and raised in Australia, Fiona began her career as a newspaper photographer in Melbourne with the daily paper, The Age, before taking off for Rome, Africa, and eventually landing in San Francisco. The land down under is still home to this Aussie native.

Mark Allen
Account Supervisor

A marketing communications executive with over twenty years’ experience in strategic planning, brand management, production, and online media, he is dedicated to meeting challenges, building stakeholder engagement, and demonstrating results. Prior to joining OneWorld, Mark ran his own production company, once directing Jack Lemmon for a corporate documentary. He has produced many award-winning marketing and public relations programs for corporations, government, trade, and non-profit associations, and issue-oriented programs for national broadcast. Mark leads account supervision on integrated multi-media, multi-cultural, and multi-lingual marketing campaigns for the California Public Utilities Commission. He holds an A.B. from Harvard.

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Mark Allen Lead Account Supervisor
OneWorld marketing agency map_3 San Francisco Bay Area – After an idyllic childhood in Mill Valley on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge, Mark went east for prep school, college, and work. He found his way back to San Francisco while working on a laser-multimedia production for rock promoter Bill Graham, re-met his high school sweetheart, started hang-gliding off Big Sur and Mount Tam, and still lives in the Mission. Boston, MA – in Boston for prep school and then college, Mark’s first jobs were at Orson Welles Film School and WGBH-TV. <i>After growing up in California, it was a shock to face my first Boston winter! But I came to love the place, especially in spring and fall. </i>Mark also lived for several years in a wood-stove-heated cabin at the edge of a pond near Walden Pond. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – multiple vacations – <i>Over the past 7 years we have had several wonderful trips ranging from a few days to a two weeks staying above the old city, enjoying beach and coastal restaurants, nearby villages, whale watching, snorkeling, botanical gardens, wonderful old haciendas, etc. A great place to walk around, swim, and recharge!</i>

Dave Wren
Public Relations, Copywriting

Dave writes and edits press and editorial pieces, video scripts, newsletters, websites, and presentation content. Twenty-five years of marketing experience have made him an expert communicator for target audiences in a variety of styles and approaches. Over his career he has written for B2B clients as well as for non-profits and consumer-focused clients. While adept at serving clients with technology and engineering expertise (Abbott Labs, American Tower, Bigge Crane and Rigging), he begins by first understanding the audience's interests for any subject. Dave has also written a training workbook and online video modules for a learning management system.

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Dave Wren Public Relations
OneWorld marketing agency map_4 Madrid, Spain - Dave lived in Madrid and then traveled for months around the country. <i>The year-long experience helped me gain an in-depth understanding of another culture and develop my independence as a young adult living and traveling alone.</i> England - <i>I have visited many parts of England for vacations, but always returned to North Wales where we have close friends.</i> Dave spent most of his time in the country getting to know rural lifestyles and perspectives.

Alex Uncapher
Online Advertising Media Planner and Buyer

OneWorld’s expert in SEM marketing and sales, Alex manages online planning and buying, as well as identifying, recommending, and placement for web and social media channels. He is a Google certified SEM consultant, proficient with Adwords, Analytics, keyword harvesting tools, MSN Adcenter, Marin Software and other tools. Alex also brings skills in creating effective ads from design and content perspectives. While he was with Yahoo!, Alex exceeded his sales quota every year by up to 150%, achieving Platinum status and earning seven bi-annual trips for being one of the top ten sales reps nationwide. He holds a BA in Business Administration from Purdue.

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Alex Uncapher Digital Advertising Manager
OneWorld marketing agency map_6 Indiana – Alex grew up in Indiana, skate-boarding, being social, and going to school. <i>There is not a lot to do, so friendships tend to be tighter. There are pockets of cool if you know where you’re going.</i> California – Alex moved here after school for the art, music, culture, diversity, city life, weather, ocean, mountains, redwoods, progressiveness, environmentalism, and the proximity to lots of cool things. <i>Where do you go from here? Everything is better here.</i> Boulder, Colorado – Alex spent a summer here living with 10 hippies, 2 dogs, lots of musical instruments, and having adventures. <i>I wanted to get back to nature, play music, and be in the mountains. I worked part time as a painter.</i>

Susan Barnes
Social Marketing/Social Media Manager

Susan has over 13 years of experience in the Internet industry. She is responsible for implementing web design creative, and developing websites that best suit the needs of our clients. Her background in web development, content management systems, search engine optimization and marketing led to her early adoption and command of social media marketing. As program advisor and instructor in the Social Media Marketing Program at San Francisco State’s College of Extended Learning, she is also up to date on the latest tools, strategies and methodologies in social media and Internet marketing.

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Susan Barnes Social Media Manager
OneWorld marketing agency map_7 Cape Town, South Africa – Born and raised in Cape Town, Susan feels fortunate to have had a great childhood while being very sheltered from apartheid. <i>I feel I missed a lot of changes in the country after I left. I still go back to visit my family frequently and notice lots of progress as well as continuing struggles with AIDS and poverty.</i> Oberlin, Ohio – Susan lived in Oberlin while getting two bachelor’s degrees in clarinet performance and studio art. <i>My experience there really shaped what I would do with my life after college. I had never seen snow before Oberlin and moving to the United States was a huge culture shock for me.</i> Chicago, Illinois – In Chicago while earning her Master’s in Music at Northwestern, Susan moved promptly to the Bay Area after graduation. <i>Chicago is culturally rich, but I didn't enjoy the wind chill factor or digging my car out of the ice and snow in the mornings.</i>

Roger Burgner
Graphic Production Manager

Roger manages OneWorld’s production process for all print and online campaigns. Taking initial design layouts, and incorporating text and graphic changes, he provides a fluid path from design to output. He also oversees all trafficking to media outlets and serves as our webmaster for Roger’s years of experience encompass the design process from sketching and refining ideas through production, using a variety of graphic arts programs and applications. With a strong background in print production, Roger has hands-on experience in digital printing and imaging on a variety of CMYK and RGB devices. He holds a BA in Industrial Arts from San Francisco State University.

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Roger Burgner Graphic Production Manager
OneWorld marketing agency map_8 Pacifica, CA – Roger grew up in Pacifica, about 20 minutes from OneWorld’s office, or about 2 hours in Bay Area traffic. <i>My parents were older and quite done with exploring the world by the time I came along. Going down the peninsula was a big deal.</i> Roger created and runs a Pacifica Facebook page. Texas – As a teenager, Roger met his extended family in Texas for the first time. <i>It was a shock. I had to interact with people I did not know and they all seemed to have their own sets of problems. The more problems I encountered, the more interesting the person. It was all mysterious and exotic.</i> London – Spending one semester in London during college, Roger enjoyed having time to bond with other students, have new adventures, and to observe his own country from the outside. <i>It was a fun time that made me feel quite alive and invincible.</i>

Teresa Schnabel
Marketing Researcher

With over 25 years marketing research experience in services industries, technology and consumer packaged goods (with a special emphasis on minority marketing), Teresa is a strategic thinker with expert research design, analysis, and reporting skills. She leads OneWorld’s qualitative and quantitative marketing research, including surveys, ethnographic research, on-site observational studies, diary and journal self-report studies, and content analysis. Teresa’s emphasis on diagnosis and assessment of research needs allows her to provide research road maps for clients that address strategic and tactical business issues. Her analytical insights into the results of our California research for USDA led directly into the messaging for OneWorld’s award-winning campaign.

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Teresa Schnabel Marketing Research Director
OneWorld marketing agency map_9 Manila, Philippines – Born in Manila, Teresa lived here for 28 years until she moved to New York City for graduate studies. <i>It is my cultural and emotional foundation. It is also my base for the growing global phenomenon of Filipinos often called cultural Diaspora.</i> New York/New Jersey – Teresa lived in New York and New Jersey (Hoboken) for 8 years, enjoying the cultural life, performing arts, and the intellectual stimulation. <i>It’s a place that I strongly connect with and enjoy visiting as often as possible. I feel I ‘grew up’ in New York in many ways.</i> Toronto, Canada – Lived in Toronto for five years. It opened my eyes to another system of society; a kinder, gentler, more inclusive environment. <i>Many of the Canadian values are those I share. I grew professionally in Toronto and also try to visit whenever possible.</i>

Marguerite Cueto
Marketing Communications Strategist and Manager

With two decades of advertising and marketing experience, Marguerite develops effective strategies to engage both the general market and cultural communities for our clients. She is a team leader and manager. Before OneWorld, Marguerite built a branch office of Y&R/Bravo into a full-service agency, increasing billings from $4 million to $21 million in six years. She has served national consumer brands and a range of government programs. Born in Mexico City, and fluent in Spanish, Marguerite also brings special insight into Hispanic perspectives and communications channels. She works at the grass roots level when needed, facilitating group meetings, conducting field research, and training programs for at-risk youth.

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Marguerite Cueto Hispanic and Multicultural Marketing
OneWorld marketing agency map_12 Mexico City – Raised in Mexico City to bilingual parents, Marguerite lays claim to four cultures representing her parents' background: Spain, Cuba, New York (US), and Mexico. <i>I have a stronger emotional connection to Mexico, but my bicultural experience served me well when I moved to the U.S.</i> Sao Paulo, Brazil – Marguerite's graduation gift was spending 3 months in Brazil, during which she picked up Portuguese. <i>I felt so comfortable there with the people, the culture, and the language. I find that it's easy for me to relate to people from other cultures.</i> Los Angeles – <i>I moved from Mexico City to Los Angeles because I wanted to explore the 'American' part of my legacy. Coming from Mexico City, LA was wonderful with far less smog and far less traffic than my hometown. Everything is relative, is it not?</i>

Cipriano Iguaran
Hispanic Cultural Media Producer

Cipriano guides both communications concepts and our voice and on-camera talent to be culturally compelling to Spanish speaking audiences in the USA. He creates cross-cultural adaptations for TV and radio commercials, the Web and print, by reviewing original scripts or copy, translating, suggesting modifications, working with various experts on nomenclature and then carefully reviewing final copy for accuracy and to be culturally appropriate. He has over 20 years of experience in the communications field. Born and raised in Mexico, Cipriano has developed skills to work with the nuances of numerous Latin American cultures present in the USA. His previous client experience includes Johnson & Johnson, OneTouch Ultra, Bravo, California Department of Insurance, Longs Drugs, Sun Microsystems, Apple Computer, and Oracle.

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Cipriano Iguaran Hispanic Media Production
OneWorld marketing agency map_14 Veracruz City, Mexico – Cipriano was born and raised in Mexico, did all his schooling in Mexico, and came to the US when he was 26 years old. Los Angeles, California - Cipriano has worked in Los Angeles on several radio and television commercials throughout the last 15 years.</i>

Jim Hill
African American Market Specialist

One of Jim’s many strengths for OneWorld is highly effective strategy for engaging successfully with African-American communities. He brings years of broad experience in public relations, marketing communications, corporate communications and social marketing. Jim counsels both media creation and how to interact within a community. He has done so for major U.S. corporations, small businesses and non-profit organizations. Previously he held management positions with Johnson Wax, Sara Lee Corporation and Kaiser Permanente. He also was President & CEO of Chicago-based Burrell Public Relations which he helped to become the country's largest public relations firm specializing in African Americans. Beyond a journalism degree from Ohio University, he is a graduate of the Kaiser Permanente Executive Program, Stanford University.

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Jim Hill African American Marketing Specialist
OneWorld marketing agency map_15 Racine, Wisconsin –  Jim worked on some of the country’s leading brands including Off!, Pledge, Raid, Enhance and Agree Shampoo, at W S.C. Johnson & Son. Chicago, Illinois – The home of Burrell Public Relations which Jim steered to become the country’s largest agency focusing on African-American consumers. Oakland, California  – Here Jim joined Kaiser Permanente. <i>The company did an incredible job of preparing me for some of the exciting work that I’ve been doing in healthcare… including a recent trip to Cuba to research its healthcare system.</i>

Cliff Traiman
Director of Photography

Cliff helps OneWorld to connect with people through his superb video camera work that visually brings messages and stories to life. He has been the eye behind many of OneWorld’s television commercials. Cliff is experienced in commercial, industrial and branding videos as well as feature length narratives and documentaries. Cliff brings his experience working for many companies such as Comcast, Intel, Aruba Networks, USDA, Toyota, 24-Hour Fitness, Honda, Hewlett Packard, Apple, eBay, Google, Yahoo, Skype, Frito Lay, Oracle, Cisco, Juniper Networks, Genentech, San Francisco Giants, San Jose Earthquakes, Franklin Templeton, AT&T, Wells Fargo, Sega, History Channel, SlingBox, Sony PlayStation and Deloitte.

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Cliff Traiman Photography
OneWorld marketing agency map_16 Oxford, England – Cliff studied abroad through Oxford university in England. He was an English major and studied film theory. He received a degree in English Literature. Phnom Penh, Cambodia – Shot a documentary which followed the National Cambodian Baseball Team. Loire Valley, France – Shot a cooking show in this region which is famous for their food and wine. Tokyo, Japan – Here Cliff completed a film project for PlayStation. Lagos, Nigeria – Shot a documentary for the Sahara Group.

Eddie Tang
Chinese Media Cultural Adviser

Eddie uniquely combines professional communications with a deep knowledge of Chinese cultures to ensure OneWorld’s marketing strategy and media are effective and compelling for Chinese communities. He’s a hands-on practitioner – either directing or providing voice-over for Chinese media. He also directs actors and fashions sets in our TV and video productions to be true. He was the Cantonese voice for previous San Francisco Mayor Galvin Newsom, also voicing Sony video games, an American Red Cross animation, a Wells Fargo Bank commercial, and others. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Eddie speaks and writes both Cantonese and Mandarin fluently. Originally trained as a Civil Engineer, he still maintains his professional license. Eddie is a multi-faceted individual – just check out his calligraphy, or Asian cooking, or his Kung Fu if you dare!

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Eddie Tang Chinese Media Marketing
OneWorld marketing agency map_18 Hong Kong, China - Eddie was born and raised here in a very traditional family. Corvallis, Oregon - Eddie graduated from Oregon State University with a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering.  He is licensed as a Professional Engineer in the states of California, Oregon, and Washington. Toronto, Canada - He co-founded an entertainment company here, producing concerts by top pop-artists from Hong Kong and China. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Xian - China - Eddie travels frequently to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, and other parts of China to enrich his knowledge of local and regional customs. Paris, France - He spent three summers traveling in Europe. Visited England, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and other countries. <i>I fell in love with Paris at first sight, and French food, French wine, and the Louvre; ended up spending a whole summer touring France by myself.</i>

Digna Roque
Copy Writer, Hispanic Marketing

With over 20 years of proven marketing experience, Digna has a keen ability to grasp strategies and translate them into highly effective concepts that deliver results. She has a charismatic personality and an innate aptitude for presenting and selling creative ideas. As a creative director, she has worked on a variety of categories that have garnered multiple awards, including: packaged goods, financial services, health, car and life insurance, telecom, beauty, retail, and food. A bilingual, bi-cultural professional, Digna is also skilled at talking to Spanish-dominant and acculturated Hispanics on a regional or national level.

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Digna Roque Creative Director & Copywriter
OneWorld marketing agency map_19 Dominican Republic – Digna was born in this wonderful Caribbean island, and she often goes back to visit relatives. New York – When she was 10 years old, Digna moved to the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. Now hailed as the coolest place by hipsters, it was anything but when Digna was growing up there. San Francisco Bay Area – The plan was to stay for just 6 months, but 17 years later, she’s still loving it…and not just because it was the place where she met her wonderful husband. Mexico City, Mexico – A fascinating city, Digna has travelled there often to produce some of her TV and radio commercials.

Carol Polombo
Media Planner and Buyer

An accomplished advertising professional, Carol has more than 20 years’ experience in marketing and media management, with an emphasis in Hispanic media planning and buying. She is skilled at developing creative and integrated media solutions for diverse clients, and consistently seeks out new technology and media vehicles to increase response rates. Carol has extensive knowledge of the Hispanic market in the U.S. With media planning and buying experience in both traditional and online media, Carol builds strong relationships and negotiates added value, particularly for public service advertising programs. She holds a Bachelor of Science in journalism from Arizona State University.

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Carol Polombo
OneWorld marketing agency map_29 Pittsburgh, PA – Born in Pittsburgh, Carol moved west as a teen, but recently she rediscovered  her home town and reconnected with her childhood best friends.  Would I ever move back?  40 inches of snow and 7 degrees for days on end—nope! Phoenix, AZ – High school, college, a stint in LA then back to Phoenix to work at a small agency where she really learned the advertising biz. <i>I had a great boss that let me work in any department I wanted to – it was an amazing experience.</i> San Francisco Bay Area – Discovered her true love was media. Car dealers to car shows, fashion to politics, Healthcare and events – Media is moving fast and always changing. Carol is on the board of the Bay Area Advertising Relief Committee, dedicated to helping folks in the ad community in times of personal crisis.

June Li
Art Director and Graphic Designer

June has experience in art direction and graphic design for advertising and branding, online and print. She develops digital marketing materials, including web layouts, wireframes, banner ads, iconography, and logos, as well as trade show materials, presentation slide decks, consumer catalogs, brochures, and in-store signage. Clients have included Safeway and others. She has a formal fine arts education and a mastery of Adobe Creative Suite. June is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. BA Art: Studio, Sonoma State University; BA Applied Art: South China Normal University, Guangzhou, China.

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June Li
OneWorld marketing agency map_28 Southern China – <i>I was born and raised in Guangzhou,  China – A big city that IS full of life and energy. I miss the summer time at the farm in my childhood. My friends and I climbed up the Lychee tree and hung on top of the branch enjoying the fruit; we made dry Lychee to save for the rest of the year. At night time, we would sit under the hundred years old Lychee tree and listen to my grandfather tell us our ancestor's stories.</i> San Francisco – <i>In 2006, I moved to San Francisco, where I found myself deeply inspired by the creative spirit of this city. I continue my father's talent as an artist: I work as a fine art and visual designer. The influence to my art includes traditional Chinese art training and Western abstract culture.</i>

Nick Hoersten
Account Service Assistant

Nicholas has a deep interest in all facets of marketing and advertising having obtained a B.A. in Marketing and Wed Design from the University of Toledo in Ohio. At OneWorld, he facilitates all daily office administration and coordination, carries out research, manages proposals and assists Account Executives with client coordination. Prior to OneWorld, Nick was an Events Coordinator with San Francisco City Hall overseeing productions such as the Black & White Ball as well as many other corporate and government functions, even acting as liaison to former Prime Minister of England Tony Blair. In his spare time is passionate about basketball and volleyball but he has also added salsa and bachata dancing to his growing list of activities -- having very talented partners makes it much easier to learn.

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Nick Hoersten, Account Service Assistant
OneWorld marketing agency map_26 Ohio – Nicholas was raised in Ohio; this is where the foundation for his persistence and patience was developed – be it helping on his grand-parents farm or through participating in sports, Nick developed tenacity and a big picture mindset. <i>What you want to achieve can always be attained just sometimes you have to weather harsh winters to get there.</i> The West – Before making his way to California  Nick’s excursions westward have taken him to the mountains of Colorado through to the  rodeos in Idaho.

Paolo Vescia

Paolo Vescia is an award-winning freelance photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. His work has been published in the New York Times, Forbes, Smithsonian magazine, Saveur, Rolling Stone, Parade, San Francisco magazine, Stanford magazine, the International Herald Tribune, the San Francisco Chronicle. He is an alumn of the Eddie Adams Workshop in Jeffersonville, N.Y. and holds a B.A. in fine art from the University of California at Santa Cruz.

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Paolo Vescia, photographer
OneWorld marketing agency map_25 Cambodia – <i>I spent some time in Cambodia shooting for a wire service. It's a country still in recovery for the war but the temples of Angkor Wat are as impressive as any former great civilization.</i> País Vasco, Basque Country – <i>A lovely culture and landscape. Great food and great people.</i> New York, NY – <i>A bottle and a cork! That's how you spell New York. You can't beat what they've piled on that little island for fun.</i>

Denise Bostrom
Scriptwriter, Video Production

Denise has written narrative screenplays, documentaries, corporate and educational films, as well as web casts for 20 years, garnering awards from major film festivals (American, Berlin, New York, Sundance, Toronto, and Women in the Director’s Chair) as well as industry awards (Joey, Golden Cine).

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Denise Bostrom
OneWorld marketing agency map_24 East Northport, Long Island, NY – Raised on land once inhabited by the mighty Algonquin tribe, their Chief Asharoken traded a section to English settlers in 1656. Denise grew up in the hamlet of East Northport – one of the towns originating from the transaction. Sadly, there’s little trace of the tribe, save for some pottery. Seoul, South Korea – <i>Don’t visit Seoul for the weather. Do visit for its art, culture, food and people. </i>Denise has visited twice: When one of her films was honored at the International Women’s Film Festival, and when she taught a Screenwriting Intensive to MFA students at Chung-Ang University. Melbourne, Australia – <i>There are still gorgeous movie palaces standing in Oz!</i> On a recent trip to four cities, Denise visited the stunning Palace Westgarth, Sun Theatre, and Hayden Orpheum, to name a few.  She plans to return to Melbourne for a long-delayed “Gap Year” and scout out more old theatres, possibly lecture on American Cinema, and write a racy novel.

Todd Kurnat
Digital Media Designer

Todd Kurnat is a multi-disciplinary graphic designer with roughly 15 years of experience creating custom visuals for an array of clientele. Todd can claim interactive art direction for high-profile projects with Disney Home Entertainment, Pixar & Universal Music Group to serving the west coast, underground music scene through CD/LP artwork, flyers, print production and websites. Specialties include; Art Direction, Branding & Identity, Graphic Design, Typography, Color, User Interface, User Experience, Project Strategy, Production, Adobe Creative Suite, Ink & Paper, HTML & CSS. Partial Client List includes Disney Home Entertainment, Pixar, Universal Music Group, Sony Music, Palm Pictures, The Who, Tabla Beat Science, Wired Magazine, MTV, Robotspeak, Beta Lounge, Quake Trap Records, Siladi Music, Endless Records, Garage-a-trois, Skerik, San Francisco Disc Golf Club and many more.

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Todd Kurnat, Digital Media Designer
OneWorld marketing agency map_30 Grand Rapids, Michigan – Todd was born and raised on a steady diet of art, music and skateboarding. It was here, in his teens, that he discovered his DIY attitude and attraction to counter cultures, setting the stage for many future, creative endeavors. Denver, Colorado – In his pursuit to head west, Todd attended the Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design where he found a supportive community of artists and musicians – providing him encouragement to cultivate his visual skills. He would also discover a new inspiration – nature – using Denver as a launching point for many hiking/camping trips into the Rockies, as well as, Utah, Wyoming and Arizona.

Ben Schlessinger
Web Designer and Developer

Ben is an experienced web designer, developer, and programmer whose range of creativity and technical skills produces highly attractive and useful web experiences for our clients. At OneWorld he hand-coded and programmed the new FasTrak website which we launched in January 2016. Ben also is an illustrator, proficient with Adobe tools as well as traditional graphical techniques and genres. He works in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, and MySQL, to provide wireframes, layout, planning, illustration, responsive design, and complete web products. His prior UI, UX, layout, and design experience includes working with AOL, Lady Gaga, Tribe, Zynga, CoreLogic-Dorado, and many others across a varied and diverse range of fields.

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Ben Schlessinger, Web Designer & Developer
OneWorld marketing agency map_31 San Francisco, CA – <i>Moved to San Francisco with a company calling itself FreeLoader in 1996 as an artist and designer. Things were great for a while, then, during the Third Reconciliation of the Last of the Meketrex Supplicants, they chose a new form for Silicon Valley, that of a giant Sloar! Many Shubs and Zulls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of a Sloar that day, I can tell you!</i> Washington DC – <i>Worked for Compact Publishing, Library of Congress, & FreeLoader Inc. as an artist, illustrator and designer. Was also in horrible punk band, Airtight Garage.<br><br>Went to art school in Richmond, VA (Virginia Commonwealth University - Go Rams!), just a hundred miles or so south of this pin.</i> Monrovia, Liberia – <i>Very weird place. Went to second and third grade here.</i> Nairobi, Kenya & Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – <i>Nairobi was a lovely city, back in the day. Attended first grade at a school run by Mennonites in the middle of an enormous coffee plantation.<br><br>Dar was also a wonderful place. We used to go out on safari a lot -- extremely entertaining for a youngster. Can't recommend it enough.</i> Jerusalem, Israel – <i>No end of things to see, do, and be amazed by in Jerusalem. Loved living there.</i> The Hague, Netherlands – <i>Attended art school at De Vrai Academie and worked at the American Embassy putting together their daily news feed for distribution to Dutch ministries and news papers.</i>

Paschal Sabatella
Creative Director, Art Director, Designer

Paschal has the range to find solutions to marketing challenges, in a collaborative environment, and then provide creative strategy, branding, design and execution of all kinds of projects involving graphics and images including web, print, identity and forms of advertising. He is highly attuned to ROI when planning communications to obtain quantifiable results. Since he is both a strategist who understands marketing theory and a nuts-and-bolts doer, he can steer and speed a project forward reliably completion. He has applied these skills to diverse subject matter areas and sectors and has won many industry awards.

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Paschal Sabatella Creative Director, Art Director, Designer
OneWorld marketing agency map_31 Los Angeles, CA – <i>It was at Art Center College of Design where I learned the Art of Advertising Communication from the masters: Pacey Markman, Mel Newhoff, Dennis Jewett and the Advertising Hall of Fame Creative Director Bob Kuperman, the man who created the legendary “Think Small” campaign for Volkswagen.</i> The Caribbean – Sea cruise vacations to Atlantis, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico and St Martin. <i>This was my way of introducing my pre-teen children to the various cultures of the world. And have a little family fun along the way.</i> Sydney, Australia – <i>There’s nothing quite like experiencing New Year’s Eve down under. Not only are their fireworks show over the harbor a spectacular sight, but they perform it twice at 9pm and midnight just in case the young ones fall asleep early.</i>

Dominic Villet
Account Service Assistant/Office Manager

As Account Service Assistant/Office Manager Dominic oversees the day-to-day functioning of the office and ensures that Account Managers are fully supported with whatever they need to succeed. Dominic is proficient in Chinese-Mandarin, having spent over one and a half years studying in China. His language skills and cultural knowledge have been put to use creating a Chinese New Year’s video in Mandarin and in making connections with Chinese counterparts.

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Dominic Villet Account Service Assistant
OneWorld marketing agency map_32 Accra, Ghana – Dominic studied abroad in Accra, Ghana for one year, and then returned for a four-month internship at the U.S. Embassy. He traveled extensively throughout Ghana, studied African colonial history and a local Ghanaian language, and worked in the U.S. Embassy’s Consular Section. Having spent the first ten years of his life growing up in Kenya, it was very special to be able to return to the continent 9 years later. Harbin, China – Dominic studied Mandarin Chinese for one a half-years on a scholarship in Harbin, China. He survived the coal-polluted winters and embraced a culture and language entirely foreign to his own.

Lora Tomova
Account Manager & Art Director

Lora is a unique Account Project Manager who brings creative skills as an Art Director and Senior Graphic Designer too. She applies analytical, strategic, planning, and project management skills to fulfill marketing and media creation projects. Lora is also highly skilled in visual concept development and execution. She provides art direction and herself develops visuals and designs in a full range of digital, social, and traditional media to execute creative briefs. Lora also is fluent in Bulgarian.

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Lora Tomova Account Marketing Communications
OneWorld marketing agency map_33 Bulgaria - born and raised in Bulgaria, Lora started her very early career in her dad's studio where she helped him with designing various brochures and promotional materials. New York - moving to New York after graduation High School, Lora enrolled in School of Visual Arts and started freelancing for clients in New York City. San Francisco - after traveling around the US and falling in love with San Francisco, Lora transferred to the Academy of Art, where she graduated with BFA in Graphic Design.

Alejandro Gutierrez
Web and Mobile Interactive Designer

This is Alejandro, a San Francisco-based idea guy specializing in finding creative solutions to business problems. Since 2008, he has provided Interface + Interaction Design and Product Management services to a wide range of companies - from tiny startups to small businesses, to large enterprise. He focuses on designing products for web and mobile, which is why companies such as Adobe, SiriusXM, RealNetworks, Top Rank Inc., and more have entrusted him with their product design needs

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Alejandro Gutierrez Web and Mobile Interactive Designer
OneWorld marketing agency map_34 Seattle, Washington – Born and raised in nearby Tacoma, Alejandro moved to Seattle after graduating college and cut his teeth in music, technology and design. He ultimately launched a freelance consulting service that has moved with him around the country. While in Seattle, Alejandro also worked for DDB and RealNetworks. Washington DC – Initially AG Creative, <i>Aesthetic Grace</i> was born here, and under it Alejandro continued to service clients ranging from small businesses, to artists, to healthcare providers. Alejandro worked for SiriusXM as well while in DC.

San Francisco – Fulfilling a dream many years in the making on moving here, Alejandro continued to operate Aesthetic Grace, while also working for Adobe, Visa and OneWorld Communications. Bangalore, India – Though never actually living here, Alejandro spent weeks at a time embedded here with a team while working for Adobe. It was amazing to see the incredible growth of the tech sector in this unlikely hub.

Kartik Sekhar
Art Director

Kartik is an art director with many fingers in many pies. He has experience with projects ranging from traditional print advertising, where things have been crafted by hand, to completely digital projects that include (but are not limited to), info-graphics and responsive web-design. Hailing from India, color is definitely not something he's shy about when it comes to his work. He's always learning and growing in his field and he's usually up for almost any challenge that you can throw at him. He is unafraid of new media and new ways to approach a problem.

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Kartik  Sekhar Art Director
OneWorld marketing agency map_35 Lowe New York - Art director intern - This was the first internship through Miami Ad School and his first time in New York as well. The internship wasn't as fruitful as he hoped due to the fact that the agency got bought by another company during the internship period. However, during the time he was there, he worked on print, web and social media projects. San Francisco – He's done work for FCB, Havas Worldwide, Heat, SideCar Agency, AJ+ (Al Jazeera). Bangalore, India – Clients included PaddyField Creative, JWT, and Plan B.

Khaboshi Imbukwa
Videographer and Editor

Khaboshi is a talented video broadcast and online production specialist proficient in coordination, production, and editing of documentaries, corporate communications, and feature length videos. She is experienced in all aspects of pre-production, production and post production. She is also an Audio Tech, and assembles and edits trailers and has media managed footage and archival systems of over 6,000 assets and shoots. Documentaries include: Gazing into the Past, Walking in Two Worlds, and more recently An Editor’s Frame of Mind. Her work also includes scripting, storyboarding, lighting, and shooting for projects such as the Shutterfly Corporate Video. She is proficient in Premier, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Suite, and DSLR, video cameras and audio systems.

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Khaboshi Imbukwa Videographer and Editor
OneWorld marketing agency map_36 Nairobi, Kenya  – <i>I grew up in Nairobi, Kenya where I received basic elementary and high school education at an all girls Catholic school. I had a very regular childhood and education...</i> Oakland, CA – <i>Moved to Oakland in 2006 and began working with the Oakland Unified School District in 2007 as an Aide to the Handicapped. I attended and graduated from SF State in 2011 and worked in Video production since then. I also volunteer with SOS Meals on Wheels in San Leandro as a driver. I deliver meals to seniors in Hayward and also with Asante Africa, an organization whose mission is to empower the youth by equipping them with tools and skills needed to be successful both in school and out in the world, regardless of their economic and geographic status. Asante Africa's HQ is in Oakland and they help the youth in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. </i>

Janette DeCaire
Senior Project Manager

Janette is a strategic, multidisciplinary project manager and & producer with an eye for innovation. She has over fifteen years of experience, working for some of the worlds biggest brands managing creative online and offline projects from idea to reality. Proven team leader with a track record of successfully aligning creative teams, clients, and agencies to produce innovative solutions to complex problems. She has lead award winning global campaigns such as Volvo’s C70, Volvo’s The Hunt and Volvo’s Subject 60. With a diverse background in pharma, automotive and sporting goods. When not at work, you can usually find her travelling, skiing, hiking with her partner and pup Maddy and looking for the perfect wine and food pairing.

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Janette DeCaire Senior Project Manager
OneWorld marketing agency map_37 Fukuoka, Japan – <i>Right out of University got the travel bug and landed in Fukuoka Japan to teach English. Lived there for 3 years. Learned what the words “maybe yes but no” really mean. Ate a lot of Sushi, learned to play Pachinko, polished my skills in Karaoke and became a Sake snob.  </i> Oakville, Ontario – <i>Born and raised. 30 Minutes west of Toronto. Lovely village right on Lake Ontario. Grew up in a small bungalow with my 6 sisters and 4 brothers. And there were always 2 dogs. </i> Malaysia – <i>Tioman Island: Right out of the movie “Land Lost Before Time”.  Bats the size of eagels. I saw a real live dinosaur, to this day no one is able to quite explain the creature I came upon. </i> Amsterdam – <i>Lived in the Netherlands for 12 years.  Studied Dutch, Art History, European History. Developed a love for art from the period of the Gouden Eeuw. Including:  Rembrant, Vermeer, Frans Hals. Rode my bike everywhere rain or shine. And travelled all over Europe from this central hub. </i> London, UK – <i>Studied at the Wine and Spirit Education Trust, obtained my level 3 certification. </i> San Francisco – <i>My new home. The complete opposite of my time in Europe.  Mountains, ocean, lakes, food, wine. What more could one want? </i>

Erik Neilson

Erik Neilson is an award-winning copywriter with extensive skills in creating content in print and online publications for a range of marketing and public relations purposes. Erik brings a keen eye for research and what will make compelling copy. Erik also is a passionate home cook and professional musician. He performs regularly on tenor guitar in the septet The Ghosts of Johnson City.

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Erik Neilson Copywriter
OneWorld marketing agency map_38 Portland, ME – Consistently rated as one of the best places to live in the U.S., the waterfront city of Portland, Maine is what Erik calls home. He loves the views, restaurants and vibrant arts and culture communities of this city which is referred to by many as New England’s <i>best kept secret.</i> Burlington, VT  – Erik completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont. One of the most esoteric and progressive cities in the country, Burlington impressed upon Erik a sense of drive and creativity that has never left him no matter where he goes.

Carol Wu
Account Services

Carol is a recent graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, completing two Bachelors of Arts in Media Studies and Music in under four years. She currently assists OneWorld Communications in account services, including but not limited to, market research, document and client materials design, budget tracking and management, project planning, and social media content creation. Carol is experienced with Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Photoshop, Hootsuite, Slack, and Trello.

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Carol Wu Account Services
OneWorld marketing agency map_40 San Francisco, CA – Born and raised in San Francisco, Carol grew up surrounded by diversity. She is fond of the bustling cityscape and environment of San Francisco, which she calls home. Taishan, Guangdong – As a first generation college student hailing from a family of Chinese immigrants, Carol visited her family’s hometown, Taishan, in elementary school. Struggling to assimilate with both American and Chinese culture due to the language barriers at home and school, this trip opened her eyes to her family’s heritage and history. Berkeley, California – After high school, Carol travelled across the Bay to attend her undergraduate studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Home of the Free Speech Movement, she was exposed to a community of free-thinkers, activists, and a new environment saturated with academic pioneers.

Jessica Arbildo
Social Media Manager

Jessica is a natural creative, preferring many media. She started out in clothing design, and loved working for outdoor companies such as JanSport, Birkenstock, and The North Face. At a young age, Jessica was given the opportunity to travel abroad to places like Hong Kong, mainland China, Vietnam, and Germany. All travels further shaped her perspective on creativity and life. Her move to writing and marketing came naturally...she always loved to write and often got compliments on her writing. Jessica started a blog that eventually turned into an eCommerce venture of selling antiques online. It was both creatively satisfying and gratifying since it allowed the opportunity to share her unique voice with the world.

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Jessica Arbildo Social Media Manager
OneWorld marketing agency map_41 Los Angeles, California  – <i>I lived here for two years while completing my bachelor's degree. I had a lot of fun, enjoyed the </i>SoCal<i> vibe, visited the beach every single week, and made great friends...but the Bay Area is my true home.</i> Hong Kong, China  – <i>My first business trip abroad, I was only 23 when I first visited Hong Kong for work as an apparel designer. Seeing a completely new country, all the boats constantly coming and going from the harbor 24 hours a day, the strong cultural work ethic, and getting drenched in the rain in July was an exhilarating experience for someone my age.</i> Rodriguez de Mendoza, Amazonas, Peru – <i>My parent's hometown: A place where I spent many summer vacations riding horses and eating sugar cane and papayas right from the earth. Every day, I would help out with feeding the baby chicks and baby turkeys, take long walks around town with my cousins, and enjoy local foods like yucca, plantains, and fresh cow's milk. It is here that I absorbed a culture that had far less commodities than the U.S; yet the people around me were so warm...they would give me everything they had just to make me feel comfortable. This place truly made a mark on my life.</i>

OneWorld marketing agency map_23
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Where have we been? Where is our ad agency headed? First, we come from diverse backgrounds, from the Ivy League and warehouse art schools, from the United Nations and start-ups. But whether it’s our Pulitzer Prize nominee or spoon playing champion, there’s the tie that binds us all. Every one of us is striving to make a difference, sometimes in small ways, sometimes in ways that affect thousands.

The prospect of connecting more widely led us to found OneWorld Communications in 1994, and inspired our name. Since then, digital has become dominant, mobile and social media have become household words, and marketing has become both more global and more local. Our marketing firm is finding more ways to make connections than ever before.

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